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2.0.0b18 released

Version 2.0.0b18 has been released, fixing a couple of recently introduced bugs that made Potato unusable in certain circumstances (when run from a directory with a space in its name, or when trying to log on Linux), and some other issues. Apologies for the delay to those who reported the unusable bug, RL got in[…]

2.0.0b16 release

2.0.0b16 is now released, with binaries available for Windows and a DMG for MacOS (thanks, Yuriko!), as well as source tarballs for Linux and anyone else who wants to poke in the source. We’re also now fully moved to Github from Google Code, so you can also check out the latest, bleeding edge version there.

Potato 2.0.0b15 for MacOS X

The MacOS X download for Potato 2.0.0b15 is now available for download. Many thanks to Yuriko for once again compiling it.

Potato 2.0.0b15

Potato 2.0.0b15 was released on July 31st 2014, and is available on the Downloads page. Changes:   […]