Potato 2.0.0b15

Potato 2.0.0b15 was released on July 31st 2014, and is available on the Downloads page.


  • The ‘Send’ field in Events wasn’t parsed for /commands, even though it should have been. Reported by Karen M.
  • Fixed a bug in /unset.
  • /addspawn would cause text hidden by an event to be spawned.
  • You can now use the 256 XTerm Colours in Events.
  • Added options to the Edit Menu for removing empty lines from the input window, and for removing all carriage returns. Requested by Red.
  • Fixed a bug which stopped Potato from starting on a small number of systems. Reported by kobayashikojiro.
  • Using /setprefix to clear a prefix didn’t work. Reported by fuzzyweapon.
  • Potato is now slightly more forgiving about special characters in URLs when hyperlinking, to allow for Wiki URLs like www.foo.bar/baz_(boing) or www.foo.bar/baz:boing.
  • Using “Shift-Insert” to paste would mistakenly toggle Overtype Mode. Reported by spork.
  • New Norwegian translation, by Kenneth Aalberg (Odin@M*U*S*H).
  • The example logroll macro had a mistake, causing it to duplicate the backlog in the log file every 24 hours. Reported by Matthew Wheeler.